Inside Us

Uploaded on Tuesday 25 February 2014


David and Laura are planning an enjoyable holiday, but they discover that they cannot escape from their relationship problems.


Inside us sprung from an idea i have had in my mind for a long time - the concept of passivity. In this case, in regard to a couple who are going through a difficult moment which they face by being passive with their problem-by avoiding it.
I am not interested in flat stories. I prefer to go deep, also to touch the most profound levels of my characters, and create abstract situations within the story.
This is what happened with my last short film, 360º(, which also addressed the concept of feminine passivity, and the future project, "Mundo Mudo", which will deal with masculine passivity, thus closing this trilogy.
It is a common problem in a metaphorical context with a complex structure.


Language: Spanish

Length: 11:17

Country: Spain

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