Interview to Jos de Putter

Uploaded on Thursday 4 December 2014


#1 "On Truth and Fiction in Documentary Cinema"
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Workshop held by Jos de Putter


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The workshop is going to explore the relationship of Truth and Fiction in the process of making a creative documentary. Departing from selected films and certain philosophical and aesthetical issues, the workshop will examine concrete forms of contamination lying between the tradition of reportage (“journalism”) and the convention of narrative (“storytelling”). How can you creatively manage the relationship between what is considered ‘truth’ and what appears as ‘fiction’? What strategies and which methodologies can an author adopt when facing reality? How does one jump higher or change perspective once on that trampoline of Reality?

Beyond being a filmmaker, Jos de Putter is a fine critic of film and literature based on a deep knowledge of these disciplines. His ability to be both behind and before the camera allows him to take on “lateral” stances. From these unusual vantage points he can observe the latest dynamics that are affecting not only documentary cinema but the world of audio-visual expression in general as well. Jos de Putter is a deeply contemporary author for two reasons. On one hand, he is familiar with different styles, productive forms, and areas. On the other, he is in a position to translate deep theoretical reflections into an empirical working method.


Language: English

Country: Netherlands