Into the Sun

Uploaded on Monday 12 August 2013


‘Into the Sun’ is in many ways influenced by the films I grew up watching. As a child I remember being swept away with the likes of Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T. Unashamedly a fan of science fiction, as I grew older I experienced the more ‘grown up’ end of this genre, becoming engrossed with films such as Alien, It’s ‘soldiers at war’ influenced sequel Aliens and The Terminator. One visual aspect that I noticed many of these films share in common it the image of the big, monolithic space ship. Surely no child could forget the first time the star destroyer hurtles past us in the opening sequence of Star Wars, or the quiet lonely air of uncertainty when the Nostromo first hovers into view in Alien. So these long burned in cinematic images, so very iconic and memorable to me, are most certainly the visual inspiration that influenced the development and production of ‘Into the Sun’. Produced entirely using Element 3D, I wanted to create what appeared to be a vast, abandoned structure floating through space, the only indication of life onboard being a scrambled cry for help. I hope you enjoy ‘Into the Sun’.


Language: English

Length: 1:23

Country: United Kingdom