Introducing The Examer Company Limited of Saint Lucia by Dale Mensah

Uploaded on Friday 26 July 2013


In this video Dale Mensah talks about some of the challenges that schools in Saint Lucia are facing when it comes to proper infrastructure, which tend to hinder the rapid growth of social and digital media on the Island. Also, she discusses the extent to which women are currently utilizing social and digital media and how Women Annex can make an even greater impact in their lives by introducing a new perspective on how they can fully integrate these forms of media into their everyday life in order to benefit financially.
Through this company, she hopes to help connecting schools to the Internet, and teach students how to work with computers, write blogs, and eventually become social entrepreneurs.

More about Dale Mensah

A native of Saint Lucia (Soufriere) she is married to Isaac Mensah. She graduated from Rutgers State University, NJ with a degree in Business Management; Dale currently works for the Superior Court of New Jersey. She has earned many certifications of achievement in the family division for being a highly skilled negotiator between Attorneys and Judges.


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