IvyMaria proudly presents: The Bold and the Bitlanders - Pilot episode.

Uploaded on Wednesday 30 March 2016


One day I was watching some old movies on this forum and it inspired me to make my own. In a brain twist I created the idea of the Bold & the Bitlanders. TBTB is a musical animated soap opera taking place in Bitland City.

The story was created while making it and so is the musical inspiration.

Watch & Enjoy & Please leave your comment.

I made this video with several apps: among other things VivaVideo, Framy and PhotoFunia


Language: English

Country: Other


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    Very creative. I love it @IvyMaria

  • IvyMaria

    @jean-beltran sis I just posted a new movie! Finally. And why we are in the woods.... it might take a few episodes before you find that out but we do have fun!

  • jean-beltran

    still waiting for the next episode..why were we in the woods?

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    Original videos are awesome!

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    just wow

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  • IvyMaria

    @xaxa and @LrY Thanks ♡ @ako-eto Good you stand up for me. Haha :-) it's okey. They keep the standard high... keeps me challenged.

  • xaxa

    amazing video :)

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    only 4 stars? this is 5/5 for me :)

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    very nice!!!

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    congratulations IvyMaria ^__^ you got a good review :)

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  • IvyMaria

    @Harrrr an unexpected surprise♡ glad my video made yyou login again. I'll tag you for sure if the next one is finished. And who said you are forever alone??

  • ako-eto

    haha! i was kind of the impression that that was you.

  • IvyMaria

    @ako-eto I'd like to think a crime happened 2 during the fire. ;)

  • IvyMaria

    @ako-eto. You have a good eye for this.. you catched my eastern egg... The menly officer are @Mirfan87 and @MubashirNNN and thr female is my real face...

  • IvyMaria

    @ako-eto. Thanks for your feedback. You're right about the sync. It has some beauty mistakes.. ;-) it's all about using the good order. ;)

  • ako-eto

    I think i saw someone fainted on the dance floor when the fire broke out. or is he being strangled? hmmm...i like to think a crime was committed during the fire

  • ako-eto

    Some of the dialogues are not in sync but overall this is worth a watch. made me smile all the way through. Hillary's character here is spot on though :D

  • ako-eto

    haha! i agree. soaps are not close to real life for i don't smoke :p and who's the other police officer? i don't see him/her here in bitlanders :D

  • IvyMaria

    @Arrya that is so cool... That is worthwhile all my effort.. to out smiles on your faces.. in the end it is all about a good laugh... ;-)

  • IvyMaria

    @Lucky-Star thanks sis.. I did...waiting for the review

  • IvyMaria

    @wayeez haha thanks they show indeed awesomeness... @jikZ thank you sweetheart. Glad you liked it...since you're part of the main cast

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    awesome!!! you should submit your vid for review....

  • wayeez

    at 1:22 micky and hillary relation shows awesomeness.............lolz ahahhahaahaha

  • wayeez

    good ...........

  • junaid-riaz

    nice job. U have skills

  • jikZ

    by the way, you sure have some amazing video / photo editing skills :)

  • jikZ

    bwahahahaha :D that was hillarious :D I commend you for your effort pretty Ivy :) excellent job. Looking forward to the development of the story :)

  • Arrya

    Wow! Very entertaining sis @IvyMaria :D I actually found myself laughing while wathing this video! Great job

  • jean-beltran

    wow.. nice job

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    Superb!!!! ^_________^ @IvyMaria

  • IvyMaria

    @LookUp yes you are burning. and this is just the pilot...more juicy intriges to come. :) @Mirfan87 I can do that. I submitted the movie also. so they will see

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    hahahahha Hillary beating MIcky's butt :D hehehehe :D

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    wow~great job @IvyMaria
    i'm burning :D
    waiting next episode^^

  • Mirfan87

    @IvyMaria .... Such work must be praised.. Everyone should praise it.. Because you gave ur precious time to create such wonder.. Tag Micky also.. :))

  • IvyMaria

    @Mirfan87 very sweet if you to say that.

  • IvyMaria

    Thank you guys for your enthusiastic response. @Mirfan87 @toshi-warraich @wanderfulsoul @amirzubair and @khokarjamal69 I am glad u liked it..

  • Mirfan87

    You must be there in Disney Picture .......... its something extraordinary work....... I salute your skills.
    Enjoyed a lot ... @IvyMaria

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    hahahah awesome! hahaahah

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    hahahah my face was suiting my style :D

  • khokarjamal69

    hahahahh :D you nailed it :D

  • amirzubair

    ha ha that was fun to watch