Jog Making Of

Uploaded on Wednesday 22 February 2012


Making of Jog which can be seen:

He runs.
He runs and he thinks. Same route, same speed, every night. He runs and he tries to focus only on the ground just in front and to run away from what's behind.

JOG is the story of a man's journey as he attempts to come to terms with and escape the horrific memories of a violent street attack. Follow him on his route. Listen and despair as he honestly and tenderly tells his story. Beautifully shot with a soundtrack that echoes the grandure of the vast backdrops we see as we explore the Jogger's lonely environment.

Alcohol related violence is spreading like the plague throughout Britain. Meaningless violence from a frustrated youth where it seems to be accepted that to drink gives you the right to ruin someone's life. Why are people being killed on a regular basis for absolutely no reason? What is it... Unemployment? Boredom? Booze? Or do they just feel like underachievers because they're not on Big Brother or on the cover of OK magazine.

Written by Dave Hartill who like so many others was himself was a victim of such an attack, JOG is told partly from personal experiences. It attempts to look at the issue from all angles and in particular addresses the frustration and the domino effect felt by the family and friends of the victims. It does not glamorize the violence but instead hits you with the brutality and pointlessness of it all


Language: English

Length: 06:59

Country: United Kingdom