Uploaded on Friday 24 January 2014


For our first module at Staffordshire University we were asked to create a 3-5 minute, non-fiction film that would be filmed in Keswick, a small town in the heart of the Lake District. The specification was that we must use reality as the source of our inspiration, the film must not be about Keswick, it must explore a theme, message or comment using images and sounds captured on location. The cinematography must only use static camera shots, no panning, tilting, zooms, tracks etc.
Over the three day period we shot using Sony EX3's and Marantz to capture the visuals and audio that are in the above film.
Firsts13 // BA (Hons) Media Production Awards - This film was selected and screened as part of the best Level 4 films from 2013.


Language: English

Length: 3:14

Country: United Kingdom