KAIDIE and the Meaning of Life 3.0

Uploaded on Wednesday 14 July 2010


Kaidie runs in London and online! An immensely poetic, philosophical and fun quest for A Meaning of life 3.0! Meet the multi-talented artist and filmmaker at work, while she makes her wall map installation. Creating and performing Kaidie for 1000 days is Kai Syng Tan! Don't miss this inspiring conversation about Kaidie's runs, maps, journeys, web 2.0 collaborations and more...

TO BE CONTINUED... This is part 1. Part 2 coming soon!

Check her work here http://3rdlifekaidie.com

watch more of Claudia Tomaz's films at http://microfilmswebtv.com/


Language: English

Length: 12 min

Country: United Kingdom