Knights of Columbus - Timelapse Video Collection

Uploaded on Thursday 1 December 2016


As I had been falling in love with time lapse video, I thought it would be perfect to share this video containing nothing but pure time lapse collection of clips when James and I visited Knights of Columbus area in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. This was after the November first week holiday, the day of the dead. It was a great time being there are there were only a few people around and we got to do what we want to do with taking photographs and video clips of the area.

As shown in the video, the Tagbilaran City Sea Port is facing the K of C area which has been considered as the Lovers' Lane in Tagbilaran city because of the numerous couples in the area each single day. The romantic lights from the sea port is also giving very nice ambiance to all the people in there.

But then, this video was taken before and after sunset. James and I had also witness the sun set in front of us while taking the time lapse video on our devices. We both agree that the sun set there was not so nice probably because there were thick clouds covering it but it is still nice to see moving clouds in the time lapse video.

The nice ambiance, the peaceful surrounding and a romantic vibe in this area made us really love it more. In fact, we will be back in the next weeks to this area. Hopefully we can witness a much beautiful sun set or perhaps a sunrise too! We still don't know yet but hopefully we can go back and spend quality time learning about photography and video-graphy together!

Enjoy the video guys!

Jean Beltran-Figues


Language: Music

Country: Philippines