Uploaded on Friday 19 August 2016


This is my first Korean tutorial video on BitLanders! I decided to teach Korean because it's nice to teach what I've learned along the way in terms of the language. I'm not a Korean. I'm a Filipino and maybe you're wondering why I chose to teach a foreign language and not my own language. I think for me as a foreigner, it would be a different challenge if I teach a language that is not mine, although it is safer to teach my mother tongue, Filipino. However, I've felt that it would be a little bit unfair for me if I don't get to share my own mother language, so maybe I will also do a Filipino tutorial video in my next language tutorial upload, to be fair. Maybe Filipino and Korean will go hand in hand in the next tutorial videos which would make it very interesting, fun, and playful. I get a little bit excited when I think about it. So better get excited for it too because it might be unexpected in the next series! Hope you'll enjoy this!
For this video, you will learn how to speak hi, hello, goodmorning and other greetings, and goodbye in Korean. Hope you will learn something from this video. :)

P.S. I'm still studying Korean until now but with less than two years of being able to study Korean and being able to talk to Korean friends in Korean, I think it's already enough for me to start making videos like this, even with just the basics. So I hope again you'll enjoy! :)

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