Lagunde Beach - Oslob Cebu

Uploaded on Tuesday 22 November 2016


I find the sound of sea waves breaking into the shore therapeutic. I know nature has this medicinal value to each human being and I can't help but always in pursuit of this scene.

I guess I am a mermaid way back in my previous life as I love to be in the shore. Not because I was born in the province where the beach is just a few steps away and that I had spent my entire day in the sea waters during my childhood days but there's a gravitational force that leads me to it.

Morning moments at the shoreline is definitely one of the best times of my life. To be able to witness the sunrise and capture a photo of it, I already consider it as one of the achievements in life. Sounds silly right? But I am telling the truth. I feel satisfied seeing the sun rising up. Everyday, I consider this a miracle and these are the kind of events that occurs in our lives that needs to be appreciated.

So in this video, I would like to share to you how it felt like being in the shore with relaxing sound of the waves crushing into the shoreline rocks and stones and witnessing the sun rise and shine, perhaps with the clouds moving from here to there and just be human who appreciate God's beautiful creation. Miracle after miracle happens each day. Take time to appreciate them.

Hopefully this video will also encourage you to do the same. Wake up early, witness the sun shine, may you be alone or with a loved one and just mesmerize the miracle that is evolving right in front of your eyes. It doesn't take a whole day to do so. Just wake up early and you'll be surprised.

Enjoy guys!

Jean Beltran-Figues
Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.


Language: Music

Country: Philippines