Lifecycles of Post-PC Devices

Uploaded on Tuesday 29 October 2013


The hardware of most modern Post-PC devices, from iPads to iPhones to Samsung’s Galaxy range and Microsoft Surface products, is arguably very robust and could last for years. However software updates can cripple such devices within 2-3 years of release, giving you the option of spending more money to upgrade the hardware or continue using a device that has become less functional and out-dated. Steve and Ben discuss the lifecycle of Post-PC devices and whether or not tech giants are using their leverage to get consumers to buy more of their products than they need to. Also on the show this week, UTA CEO Jeremy Zimmer: Studio Film Quality Has ‘Suffered’, Space graveyard reveals hints of Earth's fate, and Why your face might appear in Google ads.


Language: English

Length: 15:31

Country: Australia