Longboarding with Riyaz

Uploaded on Thursday 29 November 2012


This year, 2012, I decided to do a series of short videos showing the sorts of things that young people do in the Summer.

Since I am located in Mississauga, I decided to talk to and film young people in my own area.

The first one I got hold of was my own garden helper, a bright young man called Riyaz.

I noticed that each time we were done with work, he would get his Longboard out of his car and "go for a spin".

I was intrigued because at first I thought this was a Skateboard, but went to great lengths to explain it was very different, and was called a "longboard",

I thought it interesting and asked him to do a short video interview.

Here are the results.


Language: English

Length: 3:28

Country: Canada

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