[LookUp's Video Collection] Content Reviewed - Episode 02

Uploaded on Tuesday 1 November 2016


Hello guys~ LookUp again here :3

I'm back with new video. Still same topic with my previous video which got 3 stars last time. I'm going to share my collection video about content reviewed.

I have a habit of recording each Sis Hillary Summers finished reviewing the content that I submit for review. Because for me it is very interesting to be collected. And with it, I can remember what I needed to improve on my content later if I want to submit a review.

So do not get tired to see my video collection in the future as I have many collection about content reviewed video and I will divide them in many episodes. Who knows, this video may be useful for you, or not :3

So in this content reviewed episode 02 I put three videos of reviewed content, as follows:

1. LookUp's Movie Review: 'Shutter', Love Till The End
2. Global Chat, Spammer, and Bitlanders
3. Reach The Top Without Being A Spammer on BitLanders Part. 2

If you look at the video about content reviewd above, Sis Hillary Summers said that the language I use still need improvement, whereas usually she has always said that the language I use is simple but effective, it's saddening for me :3 but it also makes me want to learn more about the use of English in my next blog.

Beside that, It was also the first time I got 3 stars on the blog. Even though I have put a lot of effort in writing that blog. But fortunately, the blog was a double reward topic, so I got a double buzz bonus.

Actually, I do not know what I have to say on this video description :3 so it is better if I end it here.

Thanks guys for your time~
See you next time~

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