Lutz Heckelmann und sein Bier (Germany 2010, 5min.)

Uploaded on Monday 4 October 2010


Lutz stores his beer in the forest to save money.

"Lutz Heckelmann and his beer" is a tribute to my dad. My dad is a weirdo. I remember one day he proudly told me about his habit to hide his beer in the forest (to avoid drinking it all at once). And if that wasn't strange enough he told me then how he one day failed to find it. He ended up looking for it for hours and hours like a squirrel (until he finally spotted the plastic bag).

Last winter on my yearly visit to Germany I got bored. I decided I've to shoot something. My dad had a Canon Powershot with video function and was willing to play himself. Hence, we had a story, a camera and the main actor. Two days we ventured out into the forest to shoot. I never lasted longer than two hours. In fact the first day, it was about -17 C, I think I got frostbite... not severe, but my toes were blue!

But it was worth it. Seeing my dad playing himself I find the story hilarious. To be honest, I'm not sure if others will, too... but in this case it doesn't matter. The movie didn't cost a cent and my dad will stay in my memory forever.

Premiere: 3rd August 2010 at the Cinefiesta 2010 film festival in Puerto Rico


Language: German

Length: 04:26

Country: Germany

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