Luxury Hunters ;60 Second Promo

Uploaded on Friday 16 December 2011


Be one of the first to win FREE luxury gifts from major brand names and enjoy a fun afternoon in NYC!

Perugina Chocolate, Alma Tequila, Cafe Bleu Menswear, and more — they’re all letting us give away their special, luxury products to you!

Why? So they can be part of an interactive social media adventure through New York City. You can be among the first to experience our introductory “mini” Hunt, and win prizes.

Sign up for FREE! The first “mini” Hunt takes place on Sunday afternoon January 15th … and ends with a Victory Prize Party.

WHEN: Sunday afternoon, Jan. 15th, arrive between 1-2 pm
(Return for Victory Prize Party at 4pm)

WHERE: Society Billiards, 10 E. 21st St.

As soon as you arrive, you’ll get a free “starter” Perugina Baci Chocolate, along with your first Clue. Then … start Hunting!

During the afternoon, you’ll visit luxury businesses across Manhattan … take creative photos and videos on your smart phone and email them to us at then we will email you the next stop on the Luxury Hunt.

When your “Hunting Trip” is complete, return to Society Billiards at 5pm. Have an Alma tequila on us. We’ll present winners with thousands of dollars’ worth of free Luxury prizes from our sponsors! We’re inviting you for free so we can get your reactions to this first-of-its-kind idea!

Join us … bring friends … but space is limited, so sign up NOW!

Luxury Hunt is a fresh digital twist on a Scavenger Hunt through New York City. It’s a chance to win and walk away with top-shelf luxury gifts from some of the finest manufacturers in the world.

Every Luxury Hunt:

Kicks off with a Welcome party: free appetizers and drinks! That’s where you get your first clue for the hunt. (Different players get clues to different starting points.)
Guides you with clues across a fun and unpredictable (part-time) 2-day “hunting trip” through NYC.
Gives you new clues at each destination you visit.
NOTE: you’ll need a “smart phone” to take a Photo or Video the best one’s will win great prizes
Includes a free party every night, where you can meet and mingle with other luxury “hunters.”
(Selected members of media may attend.)
Offers you a chance to win valuable luxury gifts.
(You can win prizes, even if you don’t visit each stop.)

At the end of each day, all male and female players will meet up at chic bars and restaurants to discuss and share their clues, photos, and strategies and, of course, to mingle socially.

Everyone receives free merchandise, simply as thanks for playing. At the end of each day’s hunt, we’ll award some great luxury prizes based on the photos submitted that day.

“Luxury Hunt” Sponsors include:

Alma Tequila
Sushi Samba
The Hurricane Club
The Film Annex
Perugina Chocolate
Café Bleu Menswear
Plus others to be announced at the Welcome Party
Come have fun with fellow New Yorkers … “hunt” for luxury throughout the City … and enjoy free drinks and prizes.


Language: English

Length: 60 Seconds

Country: United States

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