Making Movies Today - Hollywood and the Audience (FiST Chat 75)

Uploaded on Monday 2 July 2012


Making movies today is not that easy. The film and entertainment industry might be more cut-throat than ever, but with new technologies and easier access to equipment, everybody has a chance to make the movie of their dreams.

Prolific Hollywood screenwriter and filmmaker Nora Ephron died at the age of 71 recently, and she often lamented that Hollywood didn't know how to make movies for women. Steve and Ben look at this issue, as well as Hollywood's problem in general for finding audiences outside of the young male demographic who can be counted on to see a film more than once. Also on the show, how Spielberg made the world of Minority Report real, Earth loses a second in 2012, and Google's Nexus 7 tablet.


Language: English

Length: 16m:54s

Country: Australia