Max Payne gameplay : Roscoe Street Station

Uploaded on Monday 21 April 2014


In this short mission, first of all we need to go down stairs and wade through water and after walking at some distance we see two enemies and have to kill them after killing them we see stairs going upwards we had to go there and we experienced to see rats then we see two enemies again and kill them with the help of dual guns after killing them some enemies again come up with the help of stairs we have to kill them fast and carefully then we have to go downstairs and go inside a door in-front of us . After entering this door we have to fight with different enemies again and with the help of computers new doors open and we have to go inside them. After entering this door we have to pick detonators and go to that place at which we fight with enemies and go upwards and then again 2 enemies come who want to kill us with grenades we have to fight with them carefully after we have the detonators planted into the door it bursts on our prompt . here the mission ends.


Language: English

Country: Pakistan