Max Payne walk through byzantine

Uploaded on Tuesday 22 April 2014


In this mission we have to access a range of places at tactic level… access lifts… escape from gunfighter helicopter … then access another lift to fight with the enemy.. avail painkillers where available… access a computer that delivers us a pack of CDs… also we’ll occasion a burst of lights by shooting at’em.. this will cause a series of explosions in the adjacent windows / shelves… all we need to do at the time is to escape from these fire works.. afterwards we’ll come out and the moment we enter the lift .. we encounter a person shooting on us.. we kill him and pick his arsenal and operate the lift to take us at a great height … when the lift soars up we spot the helicopter again firing at us that we’ll have to escape through tactic maneuvering… and in the final episode of the short recorded mission as we enter the target point there’s a lot of fight and the mission ends..


Language: English

Country: Pakistan