Medieval Boodle Fight at The Thray

Uploaded on Friday 8 September 2017


There's a new eatery in Cebu City which is making a name for itself. James and I were both compelled to check this place and so here's the story...

So in the blog, I had mentioned that we went to The Thray on the same day as when we went to the Happy Museum. It was a well planned day but we had a few hours in between after the museum so we went to a nearby mall to have lunch and to a Honda showroom to check out some new motorcycles as we are planning to get a brand new one, but that is still a plan.

Then before five in the afternoon, we went straight to the Thray. We came really early so that we'll get the place with less people and we were right. We came first but they were still close at 4:50pm so we had to wait. A group of young GOT fans arrived after a few minutes and were all excited to come in.

At exactly five, the restaurant opened its doors. We came in and welcomed by the Squire! It was a cute place, with designs that really give you this medieval feels. I like the figures of some GOT characters and the Iron Throne as well was in there.

I was already set to order a boodle meal good for two and was also surprised to know that they serve unlimited rice for all boodle meals which is great! But I got a bit disappointed when the served food was a cold! The grilled meat was good though and the sauce which came with it really complimented that.

I also like the Anti-Mage drink they had on their menu. It is just a regular iced tea though with this blue thingy in it which turns the entire drink blue once stirred.

Overall, both James and I admitted the place is good but still small, it won't accommodate a lot of people but it is good for a start. I am pretty sure the owner has more stuffs to get into the restaurant to attract more and more guests.

We ended the day full and at last satisfied! Hope you enjoy the video.

Audio is from Sungha Jung's GOT Introduction Song cover



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