Minecraft - Maya - How to Build Your Character - FAQ

Uploaded on Wednesday 11 June 2014


Hello everyone, and welcome to this FAQ video for the Minecraft in Maya tutorials on how to build your character. A lot of people have been having a problem with blurred images. Well, no more. This video will help you work though those issues.

In this video I answer the following questions:
1. What do I do if my character isn't solid like yours, Casanis?
2. Why is my texture not showing up on my solid character, Casanis?
3. Why are parts of my character invisible/has holes in it, Casanis?
4. Why is my texture so blurry, Casanis?

I'm hoping this helps out! I'm going to make FAQ for anything that is asked frequently, so if you have any suggestions write them down below.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


Language: English

Country: United States