Minecraft - Rift Island - E10, Finale

Uploaded on Monday 4 August 2014


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Hello everyone and welcome to the final episode of Rift Island, a map designed by Ben Ephla for his Seed on Steroids series. I want to thank Ben for allowing me to play test his map. I had a great time. Thanks to all of you who stuck through this series as well. If you'd like to try the map out, make sure you write to Ben. Let him know I sent you.

The rules/challenges for this map are:

1. Don't leave the island (you can go to the surrounding Islands)
2. play on at least normal

1. Build a beach home off the main Island. [Episode 9]
2. Build a Pier and catch at least 5 fish from it. [Episode 7]
3. Build a Boat House and 5 Boats. [Episode 6]
4. Build an under ground tree farm. [Episode 5]
5. Build 10 Bookcases. [Episode 8]
6. Build a Nether Portal. [Episode 4]
7. Gather 12 Enderman Eyes. [Episode 10]
8. Make a Pumpkin Pie. [Episode 3]
9. Make a Fishing Rod. [Episode 1]
10. Find the treasure chest that was left behind by Captain Ephla. [Episode 2]
11. Map the island and the surrounding area. [Episode 5]

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Language: English

Country: Canada