Moxie Spendlove Season 1 - Episode 6

Uploaded on Wednesday 18 August 2010


Moxie and Grack go on their second date... unless you count the birthday cake as a date... in that case it's date #3! But a superhero can't just moon over a boy all day, she's got serious work to do.

That's right it's time for Super Sexy Cop and The Hump to start protecting the good citizens from the scum of the earth. And do they look fabulous doing it!

Later that day, Moxie and Herberta meet Pervin Mercury who shares some startling news with the duo. Herberta uses what God gave her to score a date with Pervin, who is captivated by her radiance. Maybe Pervin is blind, cause we aren't seeing what he's seeing. Perhaps there's more to Herberta than meets the eye?

Quick! To the Moxie Pad!


Language: English

Length: 10 mins

Country: United States