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In 1995, Tommaso Rulli started with his brother Francesco in the textile business in New York City. At that time, Tommaso was finishing his studies in Italy and the Rulli brothers saw an opportunity to bring Italian style to the New York market. They created and grew the New York sales office for an Italian textile company, and ran that business for almost 13 years. MTI USA is solely owned by the Rulli brothers, and along the way, they also started:
Ariento (Italian silverware consortium),
Mrs. Mudd (a clothing line with John Malkovich),
Film Annex (film distribution and production), and
Full package production in Morocco with partner Said Dib.

In 2007, MTI USA took a decisive step in shifting the fashion business from Italy to Asia, in both textile and garment production. The partnership with Said Dib's Cross Sea Trading has positioned MTI USA as a leader in the textile market. The company supplies:
Medium/high quality fabrics to customers through mills like Alfatex, Mozartex, and Settegiorni that are run by Korean, Taiwanese, and Italian technicians and designers.
High end and complicated manufacturing garments with finishings in leather, woven, and knits created by MTI USA's factories in China.

MTI USA Corporate Philosophy - MTI USA strives to be partners with customers and manufacturing plants. As such, the company does not act as an agent but rather as a direct extension of manufacturing factories. This has been the company's strongest characteristic and the key to success.

MTI's next step is the full package operation in South East Asia. In Asia, we seek to maintain the same quality standards that MTI USA is known for while lowering labor cost. In addition, MTI USA is targeting the growing Chinese market for sales with preliminary plans to open a textile showroom in Shanghai.



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