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Excitement really strikes me on that day I finally know that I’m pregnant with my first baby. Pregnancy test kit? A totally question in my mind, because ever since I never seen it. I’m not that active in school before. When I was in high school I’m not interested in some topics in our health subject in MAPE like the topics about family planning. Filipinas like us are called “mahinhin” or in English (unobtrusive)

When my baby on my womb turned one month, I had my first prenatal check up. The Dr. checked my blood pressure, urine, weight, CBC, many lab tests I almost forgot what they called the other test, the Dr. finally says that everything was fine, he gave me vitamins and milk that good for me and for my baby’s development on the first trimester and he said that I should come next month for the monthly prenatal check up. After one month. On my next visit, I’m very excited and woke up early that morning so that I can go home early after my prenatal. The Dr. checked my weight, blood pressure just like before and he said that I’m gaining weight, and normal blood pressure everything was fine, he ask me if I continued taking my vitamins and milk every day and if I’m eating nutritious food. I replied, “Yes Doc. As you said I did!” I’m so happy that my Dr. really said a lot of advises for my health and for my baby and next month I’m excited because he said that it will be my baby’s first ultrasound. I got home with a smile. I should bring my husband with me next month for him to witness his growing child I know he will be surely happy as I am now. Another month passed and it’s the 3rd month of my baby, my husband woke me up early that morning he was so excited, he prepared our breakfast and I take a bath and recognize my tummy is getting bigger than before, I smile and finish my bath. We’re now ready to go to my Dr. Clinic, when were about to come inside, my husband holding my hands I felt that his hand is getting colder I smiled at him and said “just relax”, he wink me back for response. The Dr. smiled after seeing that were together, “Nice to see you Mr. and Mrs. inciong please sit down feel yourself comfortable sir, lay down here madam and I want to see your baby”, with a wide smile on his face. The Dr. put some gel on my tummy and he used his ultrasound equipment to see my growing baby. “Oh your baby is healthy, nice heart beat, and normal size for 3 months old on your womb come here sir look!” my husband really shocked and surprised. “I will give you a copy, the first picture of your first baby, come back here for monthly prenatal but we’ll going to check your baby’s gender on its 7th month, radiation is not good during his development” thanks doc. yes we will. We finally got home, wide smile never fade on my husband’s face he’s always looking at the ultrasound copy.
I had my prenatal check up monthly for the next three months, and the 7th month came. Were ready going to the clinic. The DR. start the ultrasound my tummy is now bigger than before, “oh! It’s a boy look here sir!” pointing the organ of our baby. “Normal size, nice heart beat his healthy boy congratulations!” shaking his hand with my husband.
The excitement really drives me crazy, I’m thinking about his name. His father decided that his name will be Richmond inciong , I Agreed! his the boss. On his 8th month just because of lot superstitious beliefs, even were so excited, we’re just now going to buy his clothes and things and other required to bring to the hospital on my labor.
My 9th month and due date comes, my tummy aches too much my husband and his mother got everything ready. The blood run down my legs, my husband carry me to the car lay me down on the back sit while holding my hands. He said “be strong you can do it, and pray”. When we got into the hospital the nurses bring me to the delivery room, preparing everything they need and called the Dr. I shouted “his coming!” The Dr. said “Push! Hold your breath push!”, sever pain, I’m praying. When my baby comes out, his not crying I’m in pain but I’m still holding on for him, I’m praying, “Lord, please save my child I swear to you that he will be your servant, please not my child we love him so much” suddenly I heard his voice crying and echoing inside the delivery room. “Thanks God for saving him, thank you!” I cried.
That was the best thing ever that God had given me. The life of my first baby I honor him and praise him in that miraculous moment of my life.
Thank you for reading I hope you enjoy my short real life story!


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Country: Philippines