Naive new betters // Interview The Art Pack

Uploaded on Monday 22 August 2011


Music hairy, tacky costumes, accent and disconcerting ... thunderous tracks. Since May 25, the album of Naive New Beaters, "Wallace" is in stores. Finally?

10 titles for the normal version, 13 for editing "delux", the NNBS-pronounced "ènènebiz" plugged in good (s) - arrive on the official market after several years of successful tours. And that's good. Always the same groovy electro-pop, always the same energy saving as absurd, a real swing to the mine in the underbelly of the music scene conformist.
Martin Luther BB King, guitarist hippy chic casual, Eurobélix, "beatmaker" wrestler and David Boring, born of a merger between inbred Eddie Murphy and Axel Rose, enter the big leagues. One can only shake his head before the electric excitement among Gorillaz and Accordion Magic Leon Boulac.

We had already met, there is a little time before their tour with the Kills. But as they now are distributed at Fnac, they make headlines in the press trend. So we went to ask them what their royalties, along with Tsugi, of course.

So if you're "wallace" as saying the youth of today, going "Toper" the new Cake NNBS at your music dealer nearest and return with Tsugi, to understand the sound that comes out of your helmet.

Director: Victor Lech Pierre & Zandrowicz
Thanks: Rico @ Marjault Cinq7 & friendly pals.


Language: French

Length: 4min

Country: France

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