Nicky's Film (1971)

Uploaded on Tuesday 25 May 2010


A young woman is lying asleep on a bed. Her boyfriend, Nicky, gets up, looks out a window, and sees two men in black clothing standing outside by a car... waiting. Disturbed by this, Nicky makes a phone call and explains his predicament to someone on the other line.

Nicky meets with a bearded man sitting at a desk outside in a snow-covered junkyard about his situation. Nicky looks around at the desolate snowy landscape.

At Nicky's house, Nicky sits at his kitchen table when a large man, accompanied by a woman who treats him deferentially, and another man. After an inaudible conversation, apparently about Nicky's situation, the two men and woman leave. But the second man in the background says something to Nicky before leaving. Nicky looks out his window and again sees the two men waiting by a car. Nicky grabs a kitchen knife and places it under his belt. Nicky runs outside where he is apparently shot by the waiting men, and falls to the ground... dead. The final image shows Nicky's girlfriend, still lying in bed asleep.


Language: Silent

Length: 6:28

Country: United States

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