Noise With Noise Preview Clip 3

Uploaded on Wednesday 20 November 2013


So I thought I would post another clip (and blog post) previewing a little more of my upcoming experimental short Noise With Noise. This is a more fully formed clip that should help to further determine the visual style I am going for with this film. As I continue to work on completing Noise With Noise, I have recently discovered the work of a multimedia artist who I consider to be absolutely at the top of his game, someone who I feel will have a long lasting influence on my developing practice as an artist and experimental filmmaker.

Yorgo Alexopoulos is an artist from California who creates experimental audiovisual art pieces of incredibly mesmerizing and immersive quality. The reason I include reference to his work in this preview piece is to help explain an unexpected direction that Noise With Noise could possibly take. Since becoming aware of (and being incredibly inspired by) the exhibition pieces of Alexopoulos, I’m certain his work has left a lasting impression on me and will certainly influence my own future artistic development and practice. One of the aspects of his work I feel most drawn to is his precise framing of images in square and rectangular frames. This could potentially influence the final edit of Noise With Noise, although at this stage of the production I not sure exactly how.

The fact that Alexopoulos has a history of photography practice is another parallel with my own artistic pursuits that I find hard to ignore. I guess I’m telling you about this because for the first time in quite a while, I feel I have discovered the work of a person I will certainly cite as an influence when preparing for my first exhibition (whenever that may be).

I hope you enjoy watching this preview of Noise With Noise.

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Language: English

Length: 1:06

Country: United Kingdom