Uploaded on Sunday 9 December 2012


Tommy (Trevor Wright), our protagonist, is a curmudgeonly old man. He has lost touch with all the things he used to hold dear in the world, after his wife, ANNIE, passed away 12 years ago. He ran and hid away from the world. Now he his hit hard by the news that his daughter, Louise, has passed away taking away from him one of the things which had kept him emotionally anchored to his past, stripped away from him.
Tom (Steven Bradshaw) his daughter's husband of 13 years breaks the news to him and sends out a hearfelt request to Tommy that he would shepherd his 11 year old granddaughter Jessica (CHARLOTTE DOWSON) for the night until Tom can return to take care of her.
This new found grief and responsibility is a whale which Tommy doesn’t want resting on his shoulders, but through our film he sees this little girl as a connection to the daughter he loved so much, but has now lost.


Language: English

Length: 19:55

Country: United Kingdom

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