Paseo de Belen

Uploaded on Wednesday 14 December 2016


Good day my bitlanders friends! This is another random video by Katsanslimites! Again, colors are a bit dark because of the car tint.

We happened to pass by the De Venecia road here in Dagupan City, Pangasinan and I remembered there is this what they call Paseo de Belen they’ve been setting up for the Dagupan City Fiesta and for Christmas as well. The city government put up a carnival on a huge area alongside the highway with lot’s of “Belen” or creche beside it. The creches were entries from the different barangays or villages of the city for the best Christmas belen contest. I am very sure this highway would get very busy as soon as the carnival opens. Lots of people would play inside the carnival while others would surely take their chance to take photos of these beautiful belens. Although it's quite a nice idea to put the carnival on a much less busy road than on the main streets of the city.

Truly, Christmas is already in the air! I’ll try to take another video of it when Paseo de Belen opens.

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