Psychology of fencing

Uploaded on Tuesday 1 February 2011


Olympic and world-class athletes and coaches on the psychology of fencing and the spirit of competition. Personal insights on the mental game of fencing shared in interviews with the USA Fencing Sport Psychologist, Dr. John Heil. Commentary by Michael Marx, Peter Westbrook, Iris Zimmerman, Jason Rogers, Vladimir Nazlymov, Akhi Spencer-El, Maureen Griffin, Mike Pederson, Michael D'Asaro, Mauro Hamza, and Gary Copeland

This video is produced by Dr. John Heil in collaboration with Chip Magdelinskas, an independent video producer from Orange County, CA. The video is a product of the USA Fencing Sport Science & Technology Program, which is lead by Dr John Heil. For more on work by Dr Heil go to


Language: English

Length: 8 mins

Country: United States