Radar Action Interlude

Uploaded on Tuesday 20 August 2013


Radar Interlude Action By Spectrum Fires

This is a music video from the archive, Spectrum Fires were a local band in Stoke on trent. I saw them supporting The Duke Spirit at the Underground in Stoke and thought they were excellent, I wanted to make a video to help promote them as a band. this lead to this music video being shot in their practice space. Which had a interesting wall of cracked mirrors. The band split up about 6 months after the video was made. Which was a shame as they had a lot of potential as a band. This video serves now as record of them.

Directed and edited by Daniel Hopkins.
Camera by Daniel Crooks
Lighting by Ali McMath
Assistant Director/Editor Iain Goodyear

Made in 2006/7


Language: English

Length: 3:31

Country: United Kingdom