Rani Hindustani

Uploaded on Sunday 20 August 2017


Rani Hindustani is the story of a woman who has rebelled against many social traditions in the process of discovering her own identity and today lives life on her own terms. Unable to come to terms with male insensitivity experienced with her father and later, her husband, she disowned both the surnames that suffixed her name, Hemlata.

Instead, she chose a name Poonam (after Poona, her hometown) Maharashtra (her state, which, she feels, is like a father to her) Hindustani (after India, the country she's from). She chose to have a child out of wedlock when the option of adopting one was denied to her. And has dared to take on a profession that is almost entirely male-dominated --- truck driving. Today she lives with an adopted mother, brother and friend, under the family name, Hindustani.


Language: Hindi

Length: 25 min

Country: India