Red Ribbon

Uploaded on Thursday 19 September 2013


After two experimental animations that featured very solid looking cube structures, I wanted to produce something that was much more visually free flowing and organic in appearance. For me, ‘Red Ribbon’ is a very personal project, one that acts as an abstract visual representation of the fleeting nature of birth, life and ultimately death. ‘Red Ribbon’ is dedicated to the memory of my grandmother Mary - may she rest in peace. My intention was not to create something that was morbid or depressing but rather something that celebrated her life and the many uplifting experiences I shared with her. My grandmother was such a vibrant character who, like many of her generation, grew up in the ominous and downright terrifying shadow of World War II. Despite this and the tragic early loss of her husband (my grandfather William) my grandmother never seemed (publicly at least) to show how these experiences had dampened her spirits. Looking back, I now realise that this proved to me what incredible strength of character she had and also what a wonderful matriarchal figure she was to my family and I. I hope when you watch ‘Red Ribbon’ that you too see it as a celebration of life lived and love that never diminishes. Missing you and thinking of you always.


Language: English

Length: 2:14

Country: United Kingdom