Rest In Polaroid

Uploaded on Thursday 25 August 2011


In True lies
That's what they all say. Addicts, the purists and nostalgia of Polaroid. Amateur or professional photographers, all the same argument: there was the medium of the substance. A soul is attributed to an immediate physical presence and natural truth. A grain. The strength of the object, simply.
There are more than a year, the news went around the world. The company stopped production of Polaroid film eponyms. Reactions: proliferation of Internet sites pro-polarity, formations of platforms publications polaroid ... Fnac stores are being robbed their stand even a few hours and Ebay auctions have never flown so high for simple film photos. Real loss of "ob-toy" or eternal return of the "vintage"? Instant decryption.

The family grows
Abandoned for a year in the depths of our archives closet for lack of time to devote to the project, the paper released today by the "Big Jump", a bunch of guys on-motivated deserve to be known. And in my opinion, this is not the last time we work together. Thanks guys & welcome home.

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Jonathan Amsellem Antoine Cayrol, Gabriel Guerin, Victor Lech, Vincent Tajan, Pierre Zandrowicz.
Alexandre Attal, Pierre-Louis Guetta, Peter Joseph Secondi.

Polaroid France & Le Grand Saut.


Language: French

Length: 7min

Country: France

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