Revenge of The Great Camera Shootout 2012

Uploaded on Thursday 9 May 2013


Episode One. Nine cameras. Nine cinematographers. One complex party scene with a 14 stop range. Each DP was asked to shoot the scene based on their knowledge and expertise of a particular camera. There was no reference camera used. The impressive line-up of DPs and the camera arsenal included:
1. Sony F65 — Sony Representatives
2. ARRI Alexa — Rodney Charters, ASC
3. RED Epic — Ryan Walters
4. Sony FS100 — Den Lennie & Mick Jones
5. Sony F3 w/slog — Nancy Schreiber, ASC
6. Canon C300 — Polly Morgan
7. Canon 7D with Technicolor settings — Michael Negrin, ASC
8. Panasonic GH2 (Quantum v9b Hack) — Jonny Zeller & Colt Seman
9. Apple iPhone 4s — Michael Koerbel


Language: English

Length: 30:15

Country: United States