Ring Rest House in Tisa, Cebu

Uploaded on Monday 11 September 2017


Just this weekend, James and I checked if there's any place near our area which offers swimming pool and overnight stay. It was a surprise to find out that there's one very near to our place. Introducing, Ring Resthouse!

This is 10 minutes away from our house which is indeed worth checking out. We left the house at nine in the morning, there was a misfortune but we were able to surpass that then went straight to the resort.

It has entrance fee of Php 100. It is compose of three levels for their cottages. There are around four swimming pools available for adults and kids alike. The swimming pools aren't huge though, they are not suitable for deep swimming and they're just shallow at 4-6 feet.

There are cottages available too for those who are coming here for whole day. There are also rooms for overnight stay good for those couples who'd like to escape the city but don't want long travel time.

There's a band room too and a karaoke bar where group of friends of family can enjoy their time singing their hearts out.

Although this is perfect for those who want to just escape the city quickly, I won't be staying here because primarily there were some sanitary issues for me.

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