Uploaded on Wednesday 10 June 2015


Ryota miyagi is a point guard of shohoku team. He is a 2nd year high school. The height is 168cm. The number jersey is 7. Miyagi is motivated to play by his love for a girl. Miyagi also is a bad boy. He fight sakuragi and mitsui’s gang. Miyagi is one of the best point guards in the kanagawa. He despite his small build, he was able to keep up with kenji fujima of shoyo and shinichi maki of kainan because of his speed and on/off cut court awareness. Ryota miyagi he have a incredible speed and skills that’s why he called him as a lightning flash riyota. ryota miyagi was able to beat a players taller than him like hanagata and hasegawa with his speed and his signature fake shot. Also ryota teach sakuragi a fake shot. He also has the ability to break up a double team.his speed even surpasses that of most players like sendoh, fujima and fukatsu. Ryota miyagi is also an excellent defender . he was able to steal the ball from players like maki , fujima and even sendoh.


Language: English

Country: Philippines