Scene in The Harvest Project

Uploaded on Sunday 3 October 2010


Scene in the Harvest Project.

Personal anguish forces a surgeon into the underground organ trade.

Professor Morteyz, a brilliant physician devises “The Harvest Project” – a sophisticated underground network of organ transplants.

The morals and ethics of ‘the Harvest Project’ are soon challenged when Morteyz’s young protégé falters and becomes involved in the lucrative, but treacherous black market.

The university campus emerges as the perfect harvest ground for living ‘marks’. However, the “project” is compromised when the death of a mark attracts the attention of Detective Tzume.

When his undercover operation reveals those responsible, Detective Tzume is faced with a heart wrenching dilemma - should he bring the vigilantes to justice, or use the ‘project’ to save the life of his only daughter who is in desperate need of an organ transplant?


Language: English

Length: 5:45m

Country: Canada

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