Seabreeze Cafe Ambiance

Uploaded on Saturday 4 March 2017


Just a month ago, I had experience a bit of luxurious day at the Henann Resort, I even had created a blog post about it and gained five star rating. You may check the blog post on the link below:

Aside from that, we also had a buffet lunch courtesy of the Sea Breeze Cafe inside the resort so this video which took a lot of time for me to edit and compile is finally up here in bitLanders. So what's in the video? Basically, it contains the ambiance and the view inside the restaurant.

Since it is a buffet lunch, the food has been served in a long table where chefs and cooks are located at the back of the table cooking to fill the plate . The lunch runs from 11 in the morning to two in the afternoon, so that was a good three hours of unlimited eating.

I will be posting the other video which compose of the food available in the cafe but for now, let me share how the restaurant looks like. The windows were made of glasses, there were different chair colors and room lights of different designs hanged at the ceiling.

There were a lot of staffs as well aside from the chefs and cooks in the restaurant. The ushers were responsible for welcoming the guests around. They have tables prepared and reserved for those which are doing the day tour. While there were other staffs who were responsible for filling up drinks or water. Then there's also others who have roles of filling up the food containers which are almost done. Of course there were cleaners too and cashiers for those who are paying.

My favorite part was the lighting, because natural lights were coming from the glass windows and the lights from the ceiling lights. Actually I was not sure if there was air conditioning but I was not feeling warm nor cold inside. It was just the right temperature and I like that eating halo halo or the cold treats was so far good for me and my parents.


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