Shooting Sinnside - Anastasia & Ángel de Miguel & Javier Albero, the new horror film by Spain-based independent filmmaker Miguel Ángel Font Bisier with Ryu Media SL

Uploaded on Monday 15 April 2013


Meet Anastasia (9 years old), Ángel de Miguel and Javier Albero in this BTS clip shot and edited by Claudia Marconell and Javier Tatay.

It features the first images of THE BEAST, one of Sinnside´s most spectacular characters.

Eight kids enter into a misterious bar where some strange people wait for them... Welcome to the sweet side of sin. New horror short-film by Miguel Ángel Font Bisier produced by Ryu Media HT Producciones.


Language: Spanish

Length: 1:20

Country: Spain