Slingbacks and Syrup

Uploaded on Monday 5 October 2009


Deep in Vermont lies the mythical town of Beaver Pond. Slingbacks and Syrup uses the documentary form to tell a true tale of a young man who meets The House of LeMay, a family of outrageous drag queens who forever change his life. Through laughter and leadership the young man learns how the LeMays have stood tall in their heels and changed the world around them, and eventually the young man discovers that his world has been dramatically changed too.

"I have just seen the feel-good documentary of the decade! Slingbacks and Syrup,"..."recently a huge hit at the Vermont International Film Festival - and I can see why. It is funny, touching, and extremely entertaining." - David Dust -

"It's an inspired film that absolutely loves Burlington and its subjects." Millie at the Pictures -


Language: English

Length: 72 Min

Country: United States