“Snow White and the Huntsman” Movie Review

Uploaded on Thursday 31 May 2012


One of the most anticipated movies of the summer is finally here, Rupert Sanders’ retelling of the “Snow White” tale. Kristen Stewart stars in the titular role and she’s going head-to-head with Queen Ravenna, the always gorgeous Charlize Theron.

Chris Hemsworth, fresh from the success of “The Avengers,” stars as the Huntsman of the title. This version is dark, dangerous, and ominous. Sure, there are dwarves, a poisoned apple, even a Prince Charming (Prince William played by Sam Claflin), but this “Snow White” is closer to the Brothers Grimm than the Walt Disney version.

And for those Kristen Stewart haters, stop! She’s actually good in this movie and please quit pigeonholing her as Bella Swan from “Twilight.” Her acting skills far supersede being a willing vampire. And by the way, “Drive’s” Hossein Amini co-wrote the script and that explains the tone, the mood, the atmosphere! Take a look at my review:


Language: English

Length: 2:00

Country: United States