Soumitra Dutta on Technology and Digital Media in Afghanistan

Uploaded on Saturday 14 June 2014


Soumitra Dutta is an author, academic, businessman, and, as of July 1, 2012, Dean of the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University. In this video, he explains that technology is a tool which provides people with different ways to express their ideas. Technology has become a great source of empowerment for the young generation. Many young people in the Middle East, Africa, or Latin America, are creating companies with very low capital, but they have access to the right tool of technical capitals, which leads to economic empowerment. Technology allows people who have similar thought and ideas to come together and connect with each other. In today's life, mobile technology is the entry point to access the connected world of media. It gives a strong sense of self empowerment to people, for example with mobile payment which is widely used in Afghanistan and many other developing countries. He believes that Women's Annex makes a positive difference in the life of the Afghan youth, and that it is a good inspiration for people in Afghanistan to make change happen.


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