Spirits - Trailer

Uploaded on Wednesday 16 March 2011


In a series of three interlocking stories, we learn of the fate of a young writer named Loc (Tuan Cuong). In the first episode, "The Visitor", Loc comes to reside in a remote bungalow on the edge of a sugar cane field. It initially seems abandoned, until he meets its sole occupant, a lovely young woman named Hoa (Kathy Nguyen). She is shy and withdrawn and has touch of sadness to her; but her selfless consideration—matched by Loc’s sweet openness to her—sows the seeds of love between them. However, her story is still a mystery to him. She hides a dark secret, one that will drive Loc to the edge of madness. In the second episode, "Only Child", Loc is still inhabiting the old house. He is in the care of a beautiful young psychiatry student named Linh (Kathleen Luong). In him she sees not a madman but a man of talent driven by passion. Through her patient care, Loc returns to reality and their love blossoms. They marry, but Linh cannot bear them a child. She too has a dark secret, which soon comes back to haunt her – with terrible consequences. Part three, “The Diviner,” takes place many years later. Loc, now a grey-haired hermit, rents out a portion of the house to a traveling spiritualist, LAN (Catherine Thuy Ai). Through her perspective, the story comes full circle when she uncovers the summation of the troubled history contained within the house.


Language: Vietnamese

Country: Vietnam