Staycation at Ibabaw Mountain Resort

Uploaded on Monday 6 November 2017


An day of escaping from the hustle and bustle of Cebu City was badly needed so James and I had booked an overnight stay at a newly opened resort not too far away from Cebu City specifically in Ibabaw Mountain Resort.

Located in a mountainous spot in the city of Liloan, just an hour away from Cebu City (including traffic) would be the best for this needed vacation. I originally booked this two weeks before but because the weather was not really nice that time, we had to forcefully move it.

Gladly, the owner had given us free one time reschedule option to my delight. I then asked to move it on the first week of November and boy, it was perfect because we had the best weather and we truly enjoy our time together in this simply, nature-focused resort.

I had created a blog review on how our day went and how the resort's services were including food so you might want to check it out in the link below:

Overall, my husband and I pretty much had enjoyed our quick stay, it was great that we had spent time with each other in a remote and solemn location. I really like this kind of set up where the weather was great, then we could spend time in a pool, talking and laughing together. In the afternoon, we could just watch the leaves of the trees swinging here and there and everything is just affordable including the food!

The video shows the ambiance as well as the services and amenities of the resort plus we had a great sunrise and an amazing moonlight dinner. I would recommend that couples spend time in a place like this, even families too. The rooms are affordable and the food are good too.

I hope you enjoy the video!

Best regards,
Jean Beltran-Figues


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