Sumilon Island Free Day Tour

Uploaded on Sunday 19 March 2017


I gladly announce that my summer had officially started last weekend. The impromptu notice of a free Sumilon Island tour was a great way to welcome summer. The past few days, it was a love-hate relationship between the rain and the sun, thus there were days when the sun won't show up, and the rain would just start pouring but gladly, last Saturday, Mr. Sun was happy to see us under his bright lights.

Before that, there were specific challenges along the way, there's the full bus en route Oslob which made us wait for 2 hours before securing our seats. Then on the day of the tour, we have been also playing with the waiting game but all is well as we were able to get to the island safe and sound plus although there were huge waves going back, we got to the shore without issues, kudos to the captain!

What can I say about Sumilon Island? Well, there's this resort in the island itself which is named Blue Waters Resort and I can attest to why such name. The waters are clear and blue, it has shades going from light to dark blue from the shore towards the deeper part of the beach.

I didn't have the chance to explore the deeper part but my cousin in law who was with us borrowed our GoPro and boy, he found Nemo! I was glad he borrowed it and I have my own footage of these lively fishes!

Overall, we all had fun. James on the other hand had a great time exploring his newly bough preloved lens with the 55mm to 200mm coverage. I was also happy for him and he played paparazzi, taking photos of people from afar.

Enjoy the video! I had just stitched them together though, hope you won't have headache watching it. I also posted a blog about this tour. Check it out here:

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