Surigao Tour

Uploaded on Thursday 26 January 2017


Surigao was a province in the Philippines which I believe is always confused with Siargao and I am still trying also remind myself not to be confused specially that I had already visited the province together with my friends and my brother. It was a trip which I had well planned and expected to be successful however, there were things we can't control and all we have to do is accept it and enjoyw whatsoever is available at that moment.

We first visited the enchanting Hinatuan Enchanted River, swam with the fishes and watched them dance from here and there when they were being fed at 12 noon. It was fun to see them of different sizes, there were even huge ones which were already good for grilling! James had a great spot when they were swimming since he was in the water and was holding the GoPro taking videos.

After that we had lunch and proceeded to Tinuy An Falls which is dubbed as the little Niagara Falls of the Philippines. Unfortunately, we were not able to take a long exposure photo from the main waterfalls because the current was too strong that there were splashes here and there which will drench our camera. We instead enjoyed the water splashes and had to take a bath near the waterfalls. The water was brown and bubbly though yet there were still people coming into the basin and enjoying the rushing water! It was one amazing moment though.

Up next was the Doll House which is home to hundreds of dolls from all over the world, owned by someone who has been traveling the world buying dolls and other kinds of collection.

We ended that day by checking in to the beautiful resort of La Entrada in the Britania Islands area. It was a native themed kind of resort which is very near to the shore full of mangroves. We had the island hopping of the Britania Group of Islands the next day which ended our two day tour in Surigao. However, lots of things had happened after that which I had blogged about in this links below:

Hope you enjoyed the video.

Jean Beltran-Figues


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