The Art Pack - 1980

Uploaded on Thursday 25 August 2011


Sausages, HIP-HOP and Mirrors soft.
Who said weird? The group in 1980, a follower of strange happenings, parties and exhibitions délurées bad, met in early February at the Galerie LJ Beaubourg, rue du Renard in Paris to show off their latest finds and other creations: a real tribute to the nostalgia of pop culture, flash and materialistic. We went with Clark Magazine this time. Because there is more than many critics who watch shows without taking the lead.
From Andy Warhol to Tigroo.
Vejarano Alberto, Jean-Philippe and Alexandre Sirvin Illanes, artists slip conquered by the way Disney costumes, made ​​their time at the Beaux Arts in Paris, in the studio of Jean-Michel Alberola. Influence Komba and Di Rosa, iconic characters from the Figuration Libre (Damien Hirst, Annette Messager, Caesar, Keith Harring, etcetera, the new pop art inherited from Basquiat).
Completed their formal training, direction Barcelona, ​​graffiti and cats Alberto, everywhere, on every wall, all the time. Then the idea of ​​forming a collective. Want to play this Peter Pan complex, will be reproduced on the walls of a gallery, what we have done so much on the walls of his city at night. Repeating the point of obsession. Switch on, play on soft toys, paint "Care Bears", display of old roller-wheel quads Kriptos. "I'm talking about a time that less than 20 years ...."
Pop culture at least this merit: go for it, until the end of a legitimate artistic expression, without taking himself seriously. And yet there was only the Campari, ice-free.
Look at Pluto *.

Dir: Victor Lech Pierre Thomas & Drapon Zandrowicz


Language: French

Length: 4min

Country: France

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