The Art Pack Vol. 1 "LUCK ON STRIKE"

Uploaded on Thursday 11 June 2009


Back in 2003. Somewhere in Paris, Gauthier meets Bertrand to buy used music gear from him. They listen to each other’s early work and decide to make music together. As their friendship grows, the quality of their experiments increases too. Now in 2007, they’re producing new material under the name “Luck on Strike“. Their brand is their own blend of electro with grunge power. No static creation process, no boundaries, that’s what you can expect from two self-taught artists. Guitars sounds like synths and synths screams like guitars.

Their influences are broader than electronic music : pop, 70’s rock, disco for Gauthier, hip-hop, funk, music scores for Bertrand. But Luck on Strike is also a live act : from electro mash-up to live play, they transmit raw energy to audience.

Luck on Strike just released a remix of Jackson & his computer band, you can get it here :

Réalisation, Interviews, Post-Production by
- Antoine Cayrol
- Pierre Zandrowicz


Language: French

Length: 06:24

Country: France